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Canelo Alvarez to go down if he trade punches with GGG

canelo alvarez fight

canelo alvarez fight

The Golovkin and Alvarez fight is going to happen at T-Mobile Arena on the 16th of September and a lot of expectations are anticipated in the fight. Well known commentator Jim Lampley in HBO said that the Canelo vs Golovkin predictions are on one side and that is in favor to Gennady Glovkin. Golovkin or also known as Triple G in the ring is an accurate power puncher and an upfront fighter. With his wits and tactics in the ring, it paved way to a professional record of 37-0 in boxing. Canelo Alvarez on the other hand is a spectacular fighter, no doubt, but if he is going to trade punches with Golovkin in the ring, he is most likely to go down in their fight.

Although to some viewers and commentators, Canelo Alvarez appears to be the underdog since they are comparing both fighter’s punching power and finishes in the ring. On that same note, they are slightly in doubt if Golovkin is going to deliver efficiently in the ring. There is a 9 year gap between Golovkin and Alvarez in which apparently, Alvarez is way younger than Golovkin. They are worried that Golovkin may have lost some of his fierceness in the ring due to his age.

Lampley emphasized that even though Canelo Alvarez may be younger than Golovkin, he does not see this a threat to Golovkin. During the recent bout of Alvarez facing Chavez Jr., he was not able to knockout Chavez Jr. even if he has the upper hand of the fight. He may be a well-versed counter puncher with the perfect speed to top it, but doesn’t see the possibility to knockout Golovkin. He [Lampley] viewed that Alvarez will be playing safe during their bout thus worries him [Lampley] and the fans that this will turn out to be another uninteresting fight.