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Canelo Fight Will be more Exciting than the recent Jacobs Bout

Abel Sanchez who is Golovkin’s trainer are preparing for their mega fight against Canelo Alvarez while their tickets are on a roll until it is sold out; however, will be an sold out event though.


While their [Golovkin] team are in line with the training and preparation, Golovkin is more than excited for their face off. He felt that this will be a turning point of his career and it will open him to more opportunities in the industry. On the same note, his Canelo fight will boost his rankings and he will be more undisputed in his weight division with a professional record of 0 loss still.

He also state that his training from his previous opponent will stay the same although it will be more intense since Canelo is in a different caliber than his previous opponent.

He will still be following the same physical training regimen with Abel Sanchez but they will be devising different strategies and ways to shut off Canelo’s speed and counter punching ability. He wanted to prove his doubters as well that he can still deliver a powerful blow despite the result of his previous fight with Jacobs which reached to 12 rounds and a decision.

Many observers of the fight sees that Golovkin is out of his prime already and it is not that hard to figure him out. Golovkin is a stationary fighter wherein he is comfortable in a close or face off encounter in the ring. Golovkin is taller than Canelo but Canelo can so much movement that will disrupt his plan to lure Canelo in a close standoff exchanging punches. Canelo and his team on the other hand are in preparation as well for the fight and their game plan will be to avoid Canelo to be in Golovkin’s zone and be more defensive on that matter since Golovkin’s power is a big hurdle for them to face.

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