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Differences between Alvarez and Jacobs in the Ring

Although the Mayweather and Conor is going to play first then the Golovkin and Canelo fight, fans all over the world and renowned personalities in the boxing industry are more excited to watch Canelo and Golovkin fight and they see it more entertaining and exciting. With that being said, the Canelo vs GGG tickets are selling like pancakes as well.


Golovkin and his team will be preparing really hard for this fight and training will all be focus on one goal and that is to remain undefeated and defend all of his titles. There have been a lot of opinions regarding that the Daniel Jacobs results which was Golovkin’s previous foe that Golovkin is no longer in his prime. With that, it seems that Canelo will over run Golovkin in the fight knowing that Canelo is way younger than Golovkin. The Daniel Jacobs bout went to the distance that Golovkin was not able to knock him out which he is very known to be a knockout specialist.

That being said as well, the Jacobs fight was only the fourth time that it went in to a decision and the first time was in 2008 that it took a 12th round mile. Golovkin, his team and his trainer Abel Sanchez always emphasizes during their interviews that the Canelo fight is one of his fight that he should not lose and with that, they are still staying with their training the same way that they do with Golovkin’s previous opponents. Their training regimen and schedules remains the same however with a slight change of their game plan just to make sure that they can seal Canelo’s speed and defensive skills on the ropes. Canelo is fast, agile, a good counter puncher and young, they will be taking all the necessary precautions to not compromise their ultimate goal.